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(a hyperreal full body erotic 8k UHD digital photograph portrait of)(Selena Gomez)(at night:1)(low lighting:1.1) (volumetric lighting:1.1)(dramatic)(lustful euphoria)(happy)(screaming orgasm)(cum dripping:1)(masterpiece)(surreal)backlightingstudio lightingVraysharp focusunreal engineDSLRaccurate skin colordetailed skin poresfull hips(hyperreal skin texture:1)hyperreal accurate hairaccurate hair colorsex hairhyperreal moisturized skinhyperreal eyesglossy detailed eyeshyperreal detailed dilated pupilshyperreal detailed accurate breastsbokehultra definition(at a hyperreal neon lit sex club)detailed anatomically correct nipples(naked)(ultra realistic)visible from behindnsfwsex(hyperreal cumshot)(squirting)toned asshyperreal detailed ghost nippleshealthyultra realistic skinaroused(innie vagina)(has pretty anus)detailed pretty teethhyperreal natural textured skinultra detaillightly running mascara(lightly glistening with small flecks of sweat:.8)(hyperreal eyelashes)(hyperreal face freckles:.8)(hyperreal body glitter:.9)back dimplespretty handspretty feetpretty calvessexypretty thighspretty absshaved legsshaved armpitsdetailed shaved accurate anusshaved genitalsaroused(detailed accurate eyes)detailed accurate teethdetailed accurate tongueaccurate mouth(gaping vagina full of spillin cum)detailed fingernailsdetailed toenailsback dimplespretty shoulderstoned arms(detailed perfect vagina:1.2)curved eyelidscurved eyebrows(hyperreal detailed spit around mouth) 1 womandildo(detailed tears of joy:1.4)(light messy makeup:1)nubileshowing handsshowing feetorgasm faceexhausted
(a hyperreal full body erotic 8k UHD digital photograph portrait of), (Selena Gomez), (at night:1), (low lighting:1.1) (volumetric lighting:1.1), (dramatic), (lustful euphoria), (happy), (screaming orgasm), (cum dripping:1), (masterpiece), (surreal), backlighting,  studio lighting, Vray, sharp focus, unreal engine, DSLR, accurate skin color, detailed skin pores, full hips, (hyperreal skin texture:1), hyperreal accurate hair, accurate hair color, sex hair, hyperreal moisturized skin, hyperreal eyes, glossy detailed eyes, hyperreal detailed dilated pupils, hyperreal detailed accurate breasts, bokeh, ultra definition, (at a hyperreal neon lit sex club), detailed anatomically correct nipples,(naked), (ultra realistic), visible from behind, nsfw, sex, (hyperreal cumshot), (squirting), toned ass, hyperreal detailed ghost nipples, healthy, ultra realistic skin, aroused, (innie vagina), (has pretty anus), detailed pretty teeth, hyperreal natural textured skin, ultra detail, lightly running mascara, (lightly glistening with small flecks of sweat:.8), (hyperreal eyelashes), (hyperreal face freckles:.8), (hyperreal body glitter:.9), back dimples, pretty hands, pretty feet, pretty calves, sexy, pretty thighs, pretty abs, shaved legs, shaved armpits, detailed shaved accurate anus, shaved genitals, aroused, (detailed accurate eyes), detailed accurate teeth, detailed accurate tongue, accurate mouth, (gaping vagina full of spillin cum), detailed fingernails, detailed toenails, back dimples, pretty shoulders, toned arms, (detailed perfect vagina:1.2), curved eyelids, curved eyebrows, (hyperreal detailed spit around mouth) 1 woman, dildo, (detailed tears of joy:1.4), (light messy makeup:1), nubile, showing hands, showing feet, orgasm face, exhausted